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Need Financial Advice?

Our team at New Hope Financial Counseling is part of a nationwide network of trained coaches who provide financial guidance using Dave Ramsey's principles. 

To find a Dave Ramsey Certified Coach in your area, please click here.

Dave Ramsey Certified

New Hope Financial Counseling Services

Reach Your Financial Goals!All of our services are aimed at developing a financial plan to help you reach your financial goals.

We start with a FREE 30-60 minute financial consultation.  If you choose to move forward, all services, except the Personal Financial Tune-Up, include two 2-hour information gathering and planning sessions and three to six months of 1-hour progress review sessions.  The Personal Financial Tune-Up includes one 2-hour session with one to two follow-up sessions depending on your needs.

Schedule Your Consultation Appointment Today!Since no two situations are alike, our fee is different for each client.  It is based on the client's situation, the services desired and the length of time the services are needed.

DEBT ELIMINATION!This is our basic counseling service and is for anyone who:

  • Has debt beyond their first mortgage, managing okay but not making much headway
  • Has too much month at the end of the money and is dealing with creditor and collections
  • Is in a crisis situation (possibly facing foreclosure or considering bankruptcy)

During these sessions, we will help you develop and implement a monthly budget, begin an emergency fund and develop a strategy for paying off debt and dealing with creditors. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and are ready to beat debt and build wealth, this service is for you.

Almost there, wealth building! So now you're DEBT FREE except for the house - where to now?  This service helps move you along the steps to begin planning for the future.  We'll help you develop a strategic plan that includes a fully funded emergency fund, investing for retirement and college and saving for short and long term goals.

YOU'RE DEBT FREE! You've done it!  You're totally debt free, investing for retirement and college and have your savings plans in place.  Now what?  Our Wealth Building and Giving service looks at long-term life goals and extravagant giving.

Personal Tune-UpThis service is for those who have good personal money management habits but need assistance laying a foundation for the future.  We will review your current financial situation, look at your goals and dreams for the future and develop a plan to make those dreams a reality.

Workplace TrainingThe number one reason for individual stress in the workplace is personal finance.  As an employer, you see the symptoms of this exhibited in payday advances, wage garnishes and 401(k) loans.  Productivity also suffers.  Finance Peace Workplace Edition is a benefit you could offer your employees that will help reduce their stress and increase productivity. If you are interested in learning more about FPU Workplace, click here.